Value added Tax (VAT)

If you would like to discuss any of the issues outlined below, please contact us.
We are able to advise on any area of VAT.

Typical topics include:
  • Registration
  • VAT accounting periods and returns (including transactions with and within other EU States)
  • VAT status of transactions (standard rated, reduced rate, zero rated, exempt and outside the scope)
  • Partial exemption issues
  • Capital Goods Scheme
  • Land and buildings, including the option to tax  
  • Bad debt relief
  • Charities & the Voluntary Sector
  • Motor cars
  • Assessments, appeals and anti-avoidance
  • VAT groups
  • Imports and Exports
  • Interaction with other taxes (especially for land and buildings)
  • General VAT administration, including invoicing
  • VAT schemes