Corporation (company) tax

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We are specialists in all areas of the taxation of companies, including:
  • The basis of the charge to corporation tax, including Self-Assessment, payment of tax and HMRC enquiries
    • Associated companies
    • Close and Close investment-holding companies
    • Dividends and other distributions (including purchase of own shares)
    • Tax-efficient cash extraction
    • Loss relief (including: trading; investment; property businesses; and changes in ownership)
    • Capital allowances
    • Loan relationships (including Islamic finance) and corporation tax aspects of loan funding
    • Intangible fixed assets (including goodwill)
    • Transfer pricing
    • CGT and SDLT
  • Trading companies
  • Companies with an investment business (and expenses of management)
  • Property companies
  • Groups of companies (including group and consortium relief)
  • Controlled foreign companies
  • Offshore companies (including carrying on business in the UK)
  • Companies in partnership (including LLPs)
  • Specialist companies (including charities/companies limited by guarantee)
  • Non-Sterling reporting/accounts
  • Research and Development tax credits
Also, we specialize in reorganisations and reconstructions, including
  • Acquisitions and disposals of companies and businesses, including tax due diligence
  • Demergers
  • Business sale/cessation or succession planning
  • Tax clearances
We can also assist in
  • The in-house preparation of company accounts and returns
  • Incorporation of a business to minimize tax on profits, including capital gains tax planning